For a while now we at Redmak have been plotting…how can we run a creative, responsive studio whilst maintaining our current team,  can we find colleagues to work with on specific projects, could we have a list of favorite students who may want to collaborate on competitions, how can we easily offer students work during their holidays, could we pool our experience and resources with other practices to tender for projects, when small practices face a crisis where can they go for support or even when one of us needs to communicate with similar minded others how can we do that.

Co Lab is our way of collecting collegues to become a network of support to each other, its a collaboration its possibly a co operative Laboratory it is what we make it – so far it seems to be changing and responding to peoples needs.

In Brief:

Our vision is to create a network of support for small studios working in and around architecture – the aim is to create a membership who can via the Co Lab network collaborate on tenders, projects and be available to support each other.

So since the start of 2008 Farida from Redmak has been talking to different people and everyone seems really interested. The current Co Lab network is

So far in the last month 2 CoLab projects have happened… Redmak and Groundworks Architects have been working together on an architectural project in Leicester, Shared Architecture have shown Redmak how to get music into our ears! and Redmak have been encouraging Learning -space in the language of the BLOG.

Any students wishing to become members please comment on this with one 5 line paragraph about yourself and why Co Lab would be good for you.

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