Redmak has just finished a project with Garibaldi College This dynamic college with great students is always up to something check out their website for updates.

Appointed by Learning Space Redmak was commissioned to work with the Creative Learning Staff and 90 year 7s and 90 year 8s to explore the experience of working as a joint department.

Working with the BSF (Building Schools for a Future) team of students Redmak designed and orchestrated 2 full day workshops which gave 200 students the opportunity of working together in teams with a joint team of creative staff the BSF students and Redmak.

The workshops explored the themes of DRAMA, DANCE, ART, MEDIA and MUSIC and included making rooms for all the spaces using various materials, making costumes and musical props as well as a dance interval every time groups moved from one station to another.

It was all done at a fantastic frenetic enthusiastic pace and at the end of each day students had made 5 rooms which were then joined up into the CREATIVE ARTs HOUSE.

some student eavesdropping from the workshop days at GARIBALDI

look at our ART, aren’t we stylish

What happens if we do this?

Oh my god what happened to that

Who would love a house like this?

We need to cross the sticks together to support it and make it stronger

We need to take it apart again


some  feed back from the staff

Farida I hope you have recovered from your Garibaldi experience !! it was a great couple of days and I think the students and staff really enjoyed themselves. I felt that the year 8 experience in particular really went well and the students experienced a different way of working that will broaden their horizons. If you remember that we had 90 students in each workshop I think there were great successes throughout the day. The visualisation work that you did was brilliant and I will be nicking this idea to use in my teaching- thanks for that !!

Many thanks once again for your work with us and I do hope we can work together again in the future.

Jo and everyone in the mad ARTSHOUSE !!

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