Redmak Architecture and Urban Design LLP have been busy with designing their latest Passive House project. The aims of a Passive house is to provide occupants with a high level of comfort whilst using little energy for heating and cooling.

To achieve the Passive house standard in the UK, this typically involves:

  • High levels of insulation.
  • High performance windows.
  • An airtight building fabric.
  • an MVHR system with high efficient heat recovery.

Our Passive house scheme incorporates these elements into the design, as well as including additional features to aid comfort levels such as;

  • Brise Soleil – reduces heat gain from south facing glazing.
  • Photovoltaic panel – to reduce energy bills and produce clean energy.
  • Green roof – aids biodiversity and provides an extra layer of insulation for winter and summer months.
  • Passive stack effect – Cooling and ventilation of building with lower maintenance and operating costs.

For the environmental conscious folk who are looking to build their own house, why not consider a Passive House and seek your Architect for further information.