We are proud to announce that our latest project just achieved an air tightness of 0.58m3/hr/m2 at 50Pa!

What does this mean?

A typical property of a Passivhaus is the airtight construction. Airtight construction ensures that the building envelop is draught free. This means that when the heating is turned on in a Passivhaus, the heat remains inside instead of escaping outside. Environmentally and financially speaking, this will help reduce your energy bills and usage.

To put things into perspective, Building Regulations Part L1A requires an air tightness of maximum 10m3/hr/m2 air loss at a pressure of 50Pa with standard good practice for air tightness at 7m3/hr/m2 and best practice at 3m3/hr/m2.

To be a Passivhaus standard you need to be below 0.6m3/hr/m2 – which means our latest project performed as intended.