Our Passive House Premium Project

Our first Passive House Premium project, designed to generate more energy on-site than it uses, measured over a year. This house faces due south with an asymmetric roof to maximise the solar thermal and solar PV gains. Whilst timber framed, the house has a ground floor masonry slab and stacked masonry bathrooms for thermal mass.

The 2.5 storeys will induce passive stack currents for summer purge ventilation and the southern veranda extends the PV capacity and provides summer shading to the upper and lower floors.

To top up the on-site energy generation, we plan a 250sqm ground source heat pump along with mechanical ventilation with winter heat recovery.

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This house has lots of character. It has large exposed Douglas fir purlins exposed internally. The bedrooms are high ceilinged and could have a high level sleeping platform. The open plan staircase gives the house an airy feel whilst creating that tall shaft of air for summer passive stack purge ventilation.

The site contains a small woodland which can be easily coppiced to provide fuel for those few days each year when a little heat input is required to keep the house comfortably warm.