This design is based on a 60 degree equilateral triangle for maximum strength. We use a simple 1220mm x 2440mm modular panel size. The bamboo staves are 100mm diameter and create a rigid A-frame with trusses and beams.

This version of our bamboo house design is made with 7 panel modules.

This house size is suitable for two double bedrooms with the bathroom and living spaces on the ground floor.

The design has a kit of parts including the bamboo poles, base fixings and cross bracing for the modular trusses.

A unique weathered and ventilated ridge design gets rid of interstitial condensation problems.

The roof cladding can be from many materials. In the case shown here, we used powder coated aluminium or galvanised steel trapezoidal metal decking.

As with all modern lightweight construction the roof is ventilated at eaves and ridge.

The trusses are exposed internally giving the feel of living in a bamboo forest.

The apex framed project is designed with a concrete foundation and a floating slab to limit cold bridging. Additionally, some internal walls are in masonry giving the house a high thermal mass.

This makes the wet areas of kitchen and bathroom suitable for wet-room style construction for an open plan feeling and gracious living.

The modular nature of the design allows for a vast range of dwelling sizes and configurations.

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