Our Beautiful Simple Yet Elegant New Bamboo House Design

This design is based on a 60 degree equilateral triangle for maximum strength. We use a simple 1220mm x 2440mm modular panel size. The bamboo staves are 100mm diameter and create a rigid A-frame with trusses and beams. This version of our bamboo house design is made with 7 panel modules. This house size is […]

Low Energy, Timber Framed, Brick Clad PassivHaus, Open Plan Living.

This house achieves so much for the client. Besides being a low energy home with low CO2 production, the layout has most bedrooms upstairs but crucially, one downstairs for use as an AirBnB let, a lodger or for a future wheelchair user. Passive Houses tend to have minimum sized windows because this is where most of your thermal envelope heat is lost. In this case, as we often try to do, we have four rooflights in this scheme which floods the house with natural sunlight whilst minimising the heat loss. Additionally, the open plan living, kitchen dining space opens onto the south facing garden making the feeling of outdoor living very easy to achieve in the summer months.

New Passive House Design

Redmak Architecture and Urban Design LLP have been busy with designing their latest Passive House project. The aims of a Passive house is to provide occupants with a high level of comfort whilst using little energy for heating and cooling. To achieve the Passive house standard in the UK, this typically involves: High levels of […]

Bretforton Housing

A development for a Housing Association, the site at Bretforton straddles a conservation area boundary and socially disparate communities. Our proposal is to carry out the Urban design centric ideal that Christopher Alexander’s approach to development follows. For more information on the project, click here, or visit our Urban page.  

Passive House Scheme

Our new passive house design for Graven Hill in Bicester, Oxfordshire. The scheme incorporates double height spaces, contemporary open plan living, sleeping platforms giving the feeling of loft living and a second floor balcony. The flat roof allows for the installation of due South facing photo voltaics regardless of the plot orientation.

Suffolk Housing Scheme

Suffolk housing scheme is a development of 300 environmentally friendly houses, using local public space tissue studies on which to base the layout to form: Village square Tapering streets Stable yard news Perimeter blocks Street trees “Walkable” urban block sizes. We have been blessed with the following testimonial from one of our treasured clients: “With […]

Autism Community

Curated for a housing development, we’ve produced a residential housing scheme dedicated to adults with autism. Our design principles are based on the Kingwood design guide which addresses the needs of autistic people by creating a sensitive living environment to promote comfort and independent living. Each with their own entrance door, residents will have control […]