Nottingham architect produces ‘fabulous’ outdoor play space at CARLTON HILL PRIMARY SCHOOL BRIGHTON.

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Parent feedback – Parents Evenings November 2010 (3 Year 6 pupils presented plans to visiting parents whilst they waited to meet the teachers)

“Beautiful! You lucky, lucky children. Thank you for explaining it.”

“Really varied and stimulating. We’re just sorry our Year 6 child will miss the finished complex.”

“What a wonderful place to go to school. The children here are very lucky to have such a great playground and have such amazing teachers.”

“I’m still a bit sceptical but I have to admit that the plans look pretty cool! As long as the building work is done to a high standard it should come off well.”

“I think the plans look fabulous. I look forward to seeing the finished product.”

“Wow! This all looks so exciting! I can’t wait to see it materialise. The Year 6 children explained it really well.”

“I REALLY hope it turns out to be as good as the plans are making it look, it’s a great opportunity to make the school a really exciting space.”

“Beautifully explained. Can’t wait to see the new play area. Great presentation by 3 children.”

“Very nice work.”


“Everything good.”

“I am really looking forward to the changes at the school. I think everyone will greatly benefit.”

“Very impressed with the ideas, mostly with tunnels and slides. Also impressed with info from the children.”

“Great idea. I love the idea of the beach and Berry Hill and I love the slide! Excellent explanation from Year 6 children. Hopefully I will be able to get on it one day.”

“Very good pictures. Very good explanation of the playground by Year 6 students.”

“Very interesting design. The new ideas will make the school look more nice.”

“A very interesting design. I can’t wait for the beginning of the construction. I hope it is built before year 6 leave.”

“This is an incredible layout for a playground and a school.”

“The playground is more or less up to the latest American type playground. I wish parents were allowed to play there. This is wonderful.”

“Looks great but we need ramp access for people with buggies. Otherwise very exciting!”

“Sounds like a great idea. The kids should love it.”

“Things people want: a ramp for buggies and more money.”

“Fantastic. Very imaginative and exciting.”

“I wish I was young enough to be at this school to play on the new stuff.”

“The new/proposed playground and plans look very exciting.”

“It’s going to look great. Lovely presentation by the girls, the school is obviously very enthusiastic.”

“It looks like an amazing place to go to school! I do hope your learning isn’t disturbed too much.”

“The new playground is great, there is going to be a lot of space for the kids to play on and my personal favourite is the hill.”

“Fantastic! Can’t wait.”

“Sounds fantastic! Ellie likes the pond and the slide.”

“Great! Can’t wait till it is done!”

“Wow! We think Zara will love all the outside areas. I love the sound of Berry Hill, I like the idea of eating the fruit.”

“It sounds fantastic – beautifully explained.”


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