Continuing our campaign for Mending Nottingham, we have explored a potential development plot in Mapperley Park. REDMAK’s exploration seeks to produce a rigorous scheme that complies with ideals of current Urban Design, which will provide for a more pleasant housing community.

REDMAK’s proposal achieves this by designing and using a series of sideways looking houses which joins onto the existing neighbouring properties to the North East and South West REDMAK Architects have designed a layout:

  1. Respecting the Perimeter Block principal whilst accepting that the site dimensions are too constrained for a traditional perimeter block [between 60m and 100mm measured across the block from centre line of roads]
  2. Using housing for the majority of the development l Creating sense of place and development character by building flats on the corners where back garden space is naturally tight.
  3. The scheme has: 9 2Bed Code 5 Houses 17 3Bed Code 5 Houses 4 2Bed Code 4 Flats
  4. Provides the developer with potential15% profit with an approximate residual land value of £1.3m

For more information on the project, click here, or visit our URBAN and MendingNottingham page.